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While we are a naturally low-emission business, we take a proactive approach to mitigating the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain (for details of our supplier commitments, see Governance).

Group Environmental Policy

Our Group Environmental Policy acknowledges our impact on the environment and our commitments to preserving the environment in which we operate, including our expectations regarding reporting, supplier credentials, waste management, and the efficient use of resources.

Carbon emissions

While we are a naturally low-emission business, monitoring and reducing our carbon emissions is core to our environmental approach. Aside from meeting our reporting obligations, we recognise that as a global citizen it is our responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint. We have reported our carbon emissions in our Annual Reports since 2020 and we are signatories to the Market Research Society (MRS) Net Zero Pledge to achieve carbon neutrality in the UK by 2026. We choose renewable energy where possible – YouGov’s UK headquarters in London is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Interim Carbon Reduction Plan

The YouGov plc Interim Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) has been drafted in accordance with the UK Procurement Policy Note 06/21, which requires a Carbon Reduction Plan in the procurement of major central government contracts. Our CRP is supported by the actions within our Environmental Strategy, which align with YouGov’s company strategy and incorporate the targets identified in this plan.

Task-Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

We continue to monitor the guidance published by the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) on corporate disclosures to enable stakeholders to better understand financial exposures to climate-related risks. TCFD-aligned disclosures will be mandatory for AIM-listed companies with over 500 UK staff from 2023, and we are preparing by proactively incorporating TCFD recommendations in our 2022 Annual Report where possible. We expect to include additional TCFD disclosure in our 2023 Annual Report.

Reducing our single-use plastic footprint

Two of YouGov's offices have achieved a SUPER Bronze Certification for single-use plastic elimination and reduction, including our global headquarters in London and one of our Centres of Excellence (CenX) in Bucharest. SUPER is a non-profit that helps businesses calculate their “Single-Use Plastic Footprint,” identifying vetted alternatives to single-use plastics. While we already make environmentally conscious choices in many of our office purchases, we are continuing to work with SUPER to reduce our plastic footprint in all of our physical offices.

Remote working and business travel

Our carbon emissions and energy use were particularly low during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are aware that the gradual return to the office and fewer limitations on travel will inevitably increase energy and carbon expenditures. Our award-winning Group Working Arrangements Policy supports remote working by allowing employees to formalise a hybrid or fully-remote arrangement, and we consciously encourage public transit and low-carbon travel alternatives where business travel is necessary.

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