Our vision is for YouGov to be the world's leading provider of marketing and opinion data.

Since the early 2000’s – when YouGov pioneered the use of the internet to conduct market research – our business model has been built on the principle that internet-based research is more accurate than traditional research methods.

Our strategy is guided by our entrepreneurial spirit and a shared vision for creating value from data. We have focussed our attention on providing data as a public service, enabling ethical and safe sharing of opinions and personal data and better serving our clients through customisation and our self-service research system, the YouGov Platform.

We now operate in more than 59 markets and our data and research is used by many of the world’s most recognised brands. Our proprietary global panel is comprised of 26 million registered members engaged within a GDPR-permissioned environment which is supported by our secure ISO 27001 certificated operations. We capture streams of data via various data collection platforms and collect them together in the YouGov Cube, our unique connected data library.

Our growth plan

For over 20 years, YouGov has been building an ever-growing source of connected consumer data that powers all our products and platforms. This has driven our growth over the years and has allowed us to further invest in our capabilities for the benefit of our employees, clients, shareholders and society.

Our aspiration is to have the world’s largest and most engaged research panel powering our public and client platform to enable intelligent decision making and informed conversations on a daily basis.

Fuelled by our constant drive to innovate and our ambition to become the universal infrastructure of trusted data sharing, we have developed a dual-pronged go-to-market strategy to ensure we capitalise on the opportunities in our market. This growth strategy will be driven by:

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    Digital sales
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    Greenfield opportunities
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